• Coordinate and conduct informational meetings with the public and/or local officials
  • Assist in conducting public informational meetings jointly with the client
  • Compliance with Local, State and Federal Ordinances, Laws and Regulations for Relocation Assistance
  • Relocation Assistance Survey and Plan Preparation
  • Relocation Assistance Advisory Services
  • Relocation Assistance Review and Appeal of Eligibility, Determination of Entitlements and Relocation Payments


NON-RESIDENTIAL DISPLACED PERSONS: (Including Business, Farm Operations, Non-profit Organizations and Public Facilities)

  • Consultant Services for Competitive Moving Cost Estimates and Related Bids
  • Appraisal of Personal Property and Trade Fixtures
  • Bids for Disconnecting, Disassembling, Reassembling and Reconnecting Personal Property
  • Constructing Cost Estimates and Related Bids – Replacement of Infrastructure Required in Connection with the Installation of Personal Property at the Replacement Site
  • Bids and/or Documentation of Expenses for Required Work for Related Expenses